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Nathan is part of the SEJER division.
With 2600 employees and around 44 publishing imprints, Editis holds leading positions in three segments of the publishing business, in particular Literature, Education (academic, teaching aids, middle school, high school, university, legal
and medical), and Reference (dictionaries and encyclopaedias), as well as in the field of publishing services (promotion and distribution).

For more than 130 years, education has been at the heart of Nathan's activity. We are one of France's best-known brands, thanks to one of our core strengths',
the ability to provide enjoyment.
Our products are designed to give readers the desire to know more, to encourage development and provide intelligent entertainment. Nathan's
multi-faceted range includes games, textbooks and teaching resources,
children's books and nature guides
Our editors constantly combine different types of know-how, ensuring that education and enjoyment go hand-in-hand.
The fact that we are still at the forefront of the industry is also due to our long tradition of innovation.
Nathan was a pioneering publisher from the outset and is a much
appreciated reference for teachers, educators, parents and children.

Nathan Learning Materials Department:
The early learning specialist
Nathan has been designing and producing quality educational games and resources since 1883 and today is a leading brand in the European early childhood education market.
The first Nathan educational games catalogue was produced in 1890! Our Educational Materials Department (DME) currently lists over 1,000 items specially designed for nurseries, kindergartens and pre-schools.
Our range covers:
- Early Learning
- Educational Games
- Fine Motor Skills
- Social and Emotional Development
- Pretend Play
- Furniture and Equipment
- Physical Activities

Nathan Educational Materials are favoured by many education specialists all over the world and are now exported to more than 50 countries.

Our headquarters are located in Paris and our warehouse (5500 m2) is 60 km North of Paris.